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Going through a divorce isn't easy. In a stressful situation like litigating intimate, personal relationships, it's important to have an attorney who is competent, relaxed, and can calmly explain your options and stay focused on your goals. We can help you decide between filing a "no fault" divorce or a "fault based" divorce, between seeking joint or primary custody, and between dividing marital assets and/or seeking permanent support. Our services begin by scheduling a consultation. Plan for this first meeting to last at least an hour.

juvenile defense

When a child is charged with a crime, emotions can run high. The vast range of possible punishments for children deemed "deliquent" or "guilty" ranges from counseling and curfews to life in prison, depending upon the age of the accused and the alleged crime.  Our attorney undergoes special legal training every year to stay abreast the changes in juvenile defense. Children as young as 10 can be charged at Youth Court, and children as young as 13 can be placed in the adult system. Ms. McNair is a Certified Youth Court Defender who has represented dozens of children in both the children's system and the adult system. She has both the specialized training and the experience to help your child.

relief from unjust orders

Many times, a Court orders child support, alimony, or some other type of financial relief and then something unexpected occurs: a child gets sick, a parent loses a job or becomes disabled.  Suddenly the original order becomes unjust and unworkable. Let us sit down with you, discuss your concerns, and help you determine whether to seek a modification of the order, the relative risks associated with seeking a modification, and the likelihood of success.

felony criminal defense

Nothing is scarier than being on trial for a felony crime. We have successfully represented clients facing life sentences, and have litigated over 1,000 felony cases. We currently represent clients across East Mississippi, and we have the experience to help you or your loved one get the best possible outcome in their situation. From murder to white collar crime, we are equipped to handle any felony case the State may bring.

Child support & paternity

When a child is born to unmarried parents, the first step to creating a legal bond is to establish paternity. Once paternity has been establish, either through agreement or by DNA test, child support is ordered. Many State courts have overlapping jurisdiction to hear these types of claims, and it's important to have an attorney that best understands the limits of each court and where best to base/defend your claim(s).

early release from prison

In the last 10 years, our State Legislature began realizing that sentencing in Mississippi varied widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, courtroom to courtroom, judge to judge. This system created unfair and disparate sentences. In July of 2014, the Legislature created a new avenue for those given inexcusably long sentences for nonviolent crimes a second chance, even if they were convicted as a habitual offender and are serving day-for-day time. Now, offenders who have served 25% of their sentence can petition the original sentencing judge (or senior circuit court judge if their sentencing judge is no longer on the bench) for an order making them parole eligible. Contact us and we will help you determine whether your loved one qualifies for this new, statutory relief.

child custody

The pole star consideration that Judges and Chancellors consider in custody cases is the "best interests" of the children. Whether you are a grandparent, natural parent, or loved one seeking custody or defending a custody suit, we can help you navigate the law, the various judges in our legal system, and the different courts to help you obtain your goals.

misdemeanors & traffic violations

These cases begin in either a Municipal/City Court or a Justice Court and are defined by them carrying either a simple fine or jail time of one year or less. Because these cases are still considered criminal in nature, the accused have all the Constitutional rights afforded to them by the State and the Federal governments. Misdemeanors often carry indirect but not inconsequential penalties, like spikes to your insurance premiums, whether insurance carriers are willing to cover you at all, future employment opportunities, and stacking of misdemeanors to create felony charges. If you are charged with one or more misdemeanors, contact our office. We can help you decide how best to safeguard your Constitutional rights, protect your record, and keep you from paying exorbitant fines. 

civil Liability & Business Litigation

We help businesses and investors who face legal hurdles in enforcing contracts or when faced with fraud. We will do our best to assure your varied legal needs are meet with the practical understanding of how businesses and investors operate. If you have been sued or need to sue another business or individual, we will do our best to accomplish your goals.